Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SDL Tridion jobs

When moving to this side of the Atlantic - nearly 16 months ago - one of the clear issues I knew I would face was the lack of "brand value" for SDL Tridion. In Europe I had heard of Tridion years before I even thought of joining the company, and - especially in holland - you could even find the odd friend that though not working directly in IT would have heard of the name.

But in the "land of the free" not such luck. Tri-who? It also gave rise to some interesting misspellings of the name, like Trideon, Tridian (this one has to do with my accent, I'm sure) and the ever present Trillian.

I thought at that time that an interesting way to find out how well we're doing in the market is to just start randomly searching for Tridion Jobs at job sites and Google. Last time I had done this I think I had only found one job offer for a non-European based company (and it was for AIG).

Today I tried again, and here's what I found...
  • Senior Internet Business Analyst - Metlife, New York NY
  • Associate Web Editor - Hanley Wood, Washington D.C.
  • Technical Writer, Content Manager, Information Architect - Modis
  • Architecture Engineer - Kaiser Permanente, Oakland CA
  • Senior Pre-Sales Consultant/Sales Engineer - Percussion Software, Boston MA
  • Human Resources eCommunications Specialist - Sodexo, MD
  • Associate Director, Web Management - AIG, Houston TX
  • Web Editor - Elsevier, Morristown

Keep in mind that these are the ones for which I could find the company behind the ad, there's a lot out there for recruiting agencies - and of course, our own job ads. But it sure shows that times, they are a-changin'.