Monday, July 26, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona

Just added one more city to my list of "places I've been to for work". It's 101 degrees outside, at 9:36 PM (that's 38 degrees celsius).

Pretty long week ahead, being involved in a rather large Proof of Concept for an amazing reference if we get the deal.

Time will tell, I hope to announce this company as a customer soon. Now I think I'm going to pass out in bed.

Amazing how you can fly for 5 hours and 1) never leave the same country and 2) land in a place that feels just like the place you left from - except for the temperature, that is.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is cool... Tridion 2011 from my iPhone

After all the talk about Tridion on the iPad I thought that if it runs on the iPad, it should run on the iPhone, right?

Right indeed.

Not that I think it's a very useful client, but it does work...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Preparing for 2011 MVPs

Last year we launched the SDL Tridion MVP program, and being the first time it took a rather "Career Achievement" look to it, and (perhaps unfortunately) many of the nominations (over 60%) were for SDL employees.

No matter what people think of it, we decided to create an independent Selection Panel that would select who deserved the MVP title, and awarded it to those that did make an exceptional job of assisting people in the community.

In preparation for the 2010 MVPs I can confirm that we will keep the independent selection panel (with a couple of adjustments as to the members of the panel to adapt to people's changes in careers), but this year we will not allow for SDL employees to be nominated.

This means that great Tridion resources like Jeremy, Julian, Jeff and Peter will not be 2011 MVPs (and, of course, yours truly).

Now that this is out of the way, here's the 2nd part of my message for today...

Why would you want to be an MVP? 

Granted, being the first time we were doing it, there was a lot of guess work as to what people would want. First - and perhaps foremost - you get to have your name in a rather exclusive list of Tridion professionals. I know of at least 2 people that got contacted for work directly from being on that list, and there's probably more.

Second, you get a shiny award to show off to your friends (who already considered you a geek beforehand, and will now have confirmation of your uber-geek status worldwide).

Third, you get access to a MVP-only Linked-In group of very dubious benefit at the moment.

Fourth, you get to spend a "work" weekend with all your fellow MVPs on a nice sunny location, 1-star Michelin restaurant, and breakfast by the beach (aha!).

Fifth, and professionally the most important, you get access to anything related to Tridion. You want to participate in "internal-only" bootcamps? No problem. You want some version of some software? No problem. Want to play around with Tridion 2011 Beta? No problem. Want to escalate an issue with Customer Support? No problem (well, depending on the issue). Need access to a license, information on some upcoming product, you-name-it? No problem.

So, question for the day: What are you doing now that makes you a great candidate for the MVP award next January?