Tuesday, August 04, 2015


The Tridion Developer Summit is just around the corner, as you probably know, since I'm sure you registered for it already, right?

Given the proximity, and the fact that I'll be delivering the keynote, and also that we're just about to release a new version of our software, I thought it would be the right time to throw some rumors in the air about what I will be announcing. Some are true, some are just rumors... I'll leave it to you to do the filtering - or better yet, come to the Developer Summit and see it for yourself!

Rumor list
  • You'll be able to move things up & down in the BluePrint
  • You can launch a new site simply by following a wizard
  • You won't need Java anymore to run .NET websites
  • You will have a central configuration service for Content Delivery
  • You won't need to store Deployer information in the CM database anymore
  • You'll have access to development licenses for free
  • You now get SDL Mobile as part of Content Delivery (i.e., no additional license)
  • All our software (including CM) will support Cloud Databases
  • Creating a new publication will now also create a Root Structure Group
  • All namespaces and package names are being renamed to Sdl.Web instead of Tridion or com.tridion

Choose a few, then check with me after September 17 to figure out which ones you got right. See you in Amsterdam!