Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pimping out the Tridion 2011 Service Pack 1

We're getting ready to launch Service Pack 1 in the coming weeks, so I thought it would be a good time to start pimping it out.

What's new with Service Pack 1
New & improved installer (with flashy images while installing :))
User Generated Content (aka Community Builder) is integrated into the platform
Translation Manager is also integrated into the platform, and now includes support for both World Server and Translation Management System

Content Manager Changes
Grouping of items in CM calls - You can now read multiple items from the database with a single TOM.NET or CoreService call, instead of having to retrieve them individually.
Description fields are now included in GetItems and GetListItems calls, not requiring you to load the full objects before reading this property.
New "Ancestors" calls: You can get the whole hierarchy of "parent" items with one simple call: GetAncestors or GetListAncestors

Content Delivery Changes
The Content Delivery layout is much simplified, so you don't have to pick-and-mix files from here and there. Instead there are 7 roles for Content Delivery that are pre-defined for you:
  • API
  • Cache Channel Service
  • Content Deployer
  • Monitoring
  • User Generated Content
  • HTTP Upload
  • Content Delivery Web Service
Just add water, and your soup is ready. Speaking of Content Delivery Web Service, there is also a native .NET oData Web Service that runs on top of IIS in this release.

There are a gazillion little changes more though, like showing breadcrumbs on items in Tridion, consistency of RTF behaviors across browsers, and quite a few fixes to other issues that have been fixed before.

Interested in knowing more? Check it out here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Since the acquisition of Fredhopper and the launch of SmartTarget, I have been taking a keen interest on the development of the product, as I've always liked the concepts behind Fredhopper.

This puts me in a rather interesting position, as I have to interact very often with the technical teams when we discuss SmartTarget implementations, at any of the different stages - Pre-Sales, Proof of Concept or actual implementation.

And one thing that always strikes me as odd, is that technical teams just don't get it. Ask any developer about SmartTarget's targeting abilities and he will say "I could do it better". Without realizing that this is exactly why SmartTarget is so valuable to a marketing department: they don't need you to do it better.

Another thing that technical teams always ask for is the "generic", "magic button", "configuration based" personalize this page switch. Why would you want generic personalization? Actually, how can you do generic personalization? That's a contradiction in terms.

So, here's some examples of what you can do, out-of-the-box (meaning no custom code), with SDL SmartTarget:

  • Show a specific promotion if visitor comes from and searched for term "holidays"
  • Show a specific promotion if day of the week is tuesday
  • Show a specific promotion if geo-location says you're coming from New York
  • Show a specific promotion if your profile says you have kids
  • Show a specific promotion if you're browsing the site with an iPad
  • Show a specific promotion if you're coming from ""

All of these are really easy to do with custom code too, any run-of-the-mill developer can do this.

What is really hard to do is:
  • Show a specific promotion if ALL OF THE ABOVE are true.
  • Let me change that 1st condition to be if visitor comes from Google OR Bing and the 3rd condition to be anywhere in the US except California
Which you can with out-of-the-box triggers provided in SmartTarget.

The possibility to target a specific individual is priceless in today's world, and Personalization is not about targeting "Large groups of individuals". We could do that in the past rather "easily" with Tridion Target Groups already.

And, of course, you can also use Predictive Targeting (or Personal Recommendations as our Fredhopper colleagues name it) to go that one step further and recommend a product based on YOUR visitors' past behaviors.

One of my latest stints discussing SmartTarget with a prospect was particularly enlightening in this respect. After being flooded with quite a few technical questions and remarks on how the system should automagically personalize everything, someone who had been quiet throughout most of the session asked:
"So, with this system I can tell it to show my promotions to <product X> only if it is Monday morning, the visitor has not purchased it before, the visitor has purchased a competing product in the same category, I have too much of <product X> in stock, push it to a live system, and change my mind 3 times about which promotion to show without ever asking IT for help?"

Yes, you can. Interesting times ahead of us.