Monday, March 14, 2005

In training...

Sometimes you just want to be alone. A lot of those times you just don't want to speak, even if it's to a dumb laptop you're speaking. Sometimes you just don't want to share how you feel and how your life is going.

I feel I'm waking up.

Anyway, new job and new training. New country. New appartment. Old family, new feeling. New car. New phone. New laptop. New shoes. New IM client (Trillian). Great mobile phone (Nokia 6230). New life?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nuno,

I'm not sure we've met at TMME - but I was (am) one of the HintTech people hired by Atos to migrate the TXB content to Tridion.

Have fun at your new job =)


Nuno said...

Hi René.

I wouldn't think we've met. I left TMME long before TXB was even created...

We might meet later on. Thanks, I am having fun and this probably will keep on.

Anonymous said...

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