Tuesday, July 19, 2005


OK, it's been some time since my last post, so here's the latest news from Nunoland...

New Laptop
Got my new laptop last week. It's a Dell Latitude D810 and it just rocks. Some of the specs:
  • 128 MB Video RAM
  • 2GHz Pentium M
  • 1GB RAM
  • 60GB 7.200 rpm disc
  • 15x4'' screen, 1920x1200 resolution (widescreen)
  • Built-in wireless, bluetooth, etc, etc.

And yes, it can run GTA:San Andreas at the same time as 1 VMWare image, WebSphere Studio + WebSphere test environment, Tridion, SQL Server, and synchronize the calendar with my phone without interrupting my game play ;-)

Favorite comments in someone else's code

I've been finding some pretty cool comments around here. Here's a few examples for you:

  • //dirty hack, I know, but must have this running today
  • <%-- Todo: error handling --%>
  • <!-- This must be the most misleading error message I ever wrote -->

Isn't life great?

Interesting discussion: Are design elements part of your application content?

In the never-ending discussion on whether your application design elements belong to the realm of Application servers or content management, we've been having some very interesting discussions within Tridion.

Current conclusion: we will keep on storing design elements (images, style sheets, dynamic pages, etc) in the content manager and deploy them from there.

Let's talk dirty: Tridion Delivery Framework

Got to the "expert level" in TDF now. I can now use the power of tag libraries and cast spells like:

Display all components based on template "componentTemplateID":
<tdf:cp ctid="componentTemplateId"/>

Display page metadata field "Title":
<tdf:pagemeta key="Title"/>

Apply stylesheet to section:
<tdf:style xsl="/path/to/style.xsl" method="xml">
some html here

And, last but definitely not least, the great cache & search construct
-- here you have your html form with the search fields mapped to verity --
<tdf:cache id="thisCacheName">

And I'm one day away from my holidays. I might still do a post tomorrow.


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buggy said...

great comments!.. they must be a bunch of cool programmers :))))

and what a fine machine... (eu só preciso do euromilhões... :-PPP)