Monday, October 09, 2006

And do you want that with fries?

Here's the basis:
  • Large Migration project (approximately 25.000 web site pages with different content)
  • Some structure for most content
  • Javascript and random HTML (like forms and select boxes) within content
  • 22 sub-sites with shared content and independent content maintained by independent editors
New web site developed in about 4 months with many automations and "interesting" solutions.
Migration process with some failures, still over 90% of content has been migrated already.
Some content in wrong place (being cleaned up now), many test pages, being cleaned up now.

Site is delivered to customer for acceptance testing (and bugfixing).

Customer bitches about content not being correct - as if noone knew... - and claims that functionality cannot be tested [...].

Customer today says that it looks as if the site has not been tested.

Now, excuse me for being ignorant, but isn't that what Acceptance Testing is supposed to be?

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