Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Again, a quick update

Just some catching up for those that follow up these things...
  • Found an apartment in NY, not the best location, but still pretty much midtown Manhattan (West Side)
  • Got a new phone. My dutch phone will work until next monday, as from that date you'll get a message with my new phone number (e-mail doesn't change)
  • Got my L1-B visa request approved today, so no more illegal alien status (never had it, since I'm from a Visa Waiver country)
  • Back in Holland for a few days, basically for the Tridion Kick-Off, which I'm sure will be a blast of a party!
  • We continue to kick ass in the US. Last I heard, whenever the competition comes down to 2 vendors, and the other vendor is Day, Vignette or Stellent, they just give up... ;-)
Promise to do more updating when I get more of a life. For the moment just real busy trying to get all to work out...

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