Thursday, May 01, 2008


Just finished training a group of editors on what will soon be their Content Management System. We're taking a very slowly paced approach, where the goal is to get them exposed to the CMS very often and in small doses, to avoid information overload.

So, today's exercises were:
  1. Create an author profile component
  2. Create an Image and link it to the author profile
  3. Create an author BIO component
Link all 3 together, get it all in a page. See results.

And the results were... odd. Some people managed to do all this and then click the big red cross on the top right side of the window, then click OK to the warning message stating that they would lose all their changes by clicking OK.

Others couldn't understand the error message that states "The item you're trying to link to is not an image. Only gif, jpeg or png files are allowed."

And so on. Well, just another day at work. As a consultant I always bring change to companies, and being as unstable as I am, this is something I love. Change is the only constant in my life, and I really struggle to understand people that don't embrace change. So, when I see people's eyes wonder off because now they will have to update the author profiles centrally instead of in every page (!) of their site, I know they reached their limits...

Anyways, tomorrow we have training for the HTML designers, that's going to be a lot of fun.

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