Friday, October 08, 2010

MVP Nomination stats

Got ten nominations in less than a week, so it's looking pretty good for the 2011 MVP awards.

With still nearly 3 months to go (nominations are valid if received before January 1st 2011) I'm hoping to have many more candidates! See how you can nominate someone for an MVP award here.

An interesting fact is that 85% of people nominating others are based in the Netherlands, the UK has not nominated anyone yet, and only one person in the USA has nominated someone.

There's clearly something wrong with those numbers, last time I checked the US had overtaken the Netherlands and the UK in number of visits to the forum and SDLTridionWorld, however the community is still very much based in and around Amsterdam.

A second interesting fact - which I hadn't noticed until someone mentioned it in the MVP summit last week - is that we have several (4) MVPs based in the Netherlands, but none of them is dutch. Actually, we don't have any dutch MVPs, which is quite odd if you look at the company's history. Maybe it will change this year?

Well, keep 'em coming, there is no maximum number of MVPs, all you need to do is to be valuable to the community, and share your knowledge.

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