Monday, September 30, 2013

Quick Summary of open source projects started during the MVP retreat 2013

The SDL Tridion MVP Retreat 2013 finished yesterday, and as usual in these retreats we start a few open-source projects with things that (we think) are interesting to the SDL Tridion community at large.
Here's a quick summary of the 4 projects we started (and shared) over the course of the last 4 days:

Overall I think this was a very successful event, with loads of information to come in the next few days about the projects mentioned above. Watch this space.


eu4 console commands said...

I planed starting doing open-source thing next fall and this is definitely the strategy, that I'll be using.

eu4 console commands said...

Hey ! Thanks for all help. They are a great help in guiding me in my development as a software engineer. My question is when you are learning a language and you get through the basics, how do you decide what projects to work on to increase your knowledge in that language? I have been working on learning Java for almost a year now, but it is sometimes difficult for me to decide what project I should do next to help me learn more in my language. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

creature ids said...

Absolute true. I face some bug in project I use from github. At first I just use some hacky workaround, but then I decided to fix it. I cloned project, fixed a bug, created an issue and made pull request. And after that maintainer merged my PR without any questions. And then I've got so much motivation that I could work whole week on it, it was unforgettable feeling. Especially when you go to master branch and see YOUR code there. Maaan, this is one of the best things in your life - your first contribute to OS project which used by other people!
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