Friday, October 01, 2004

2 out of 5 is not good

That's what you get with "weak" championships. 6 teams qualified for European competitions, one for the first time, two for their 2nd or 3rd time. The remaining 3 teams have all won some european competition: Porto (2 Champions), Sporting (1 Cup-Winners) and Benfica (2 Champions + 6 finals!!).

In other words, this portuguese championship is looking more and more like the scottish.

Thank god that Mourinho (and Boavista) gave us quite some points in the UEFA ranking for the past 2 seasons, which means we're safe in 6th position (about 7 points advantage over Greece).

And next season we'll have 2 teams straight into the CL Groups + a possible 3rd that must go through the 3rd qualifyer. But this year we'll be happy if we get to do 5 points. Porto will continue losing, Benfica and Sporting might get it through to next year, but certainly not past march/early april...

Anyway, enough of football. This blog will now enter a footy pause (for about 2 weeks - until the next Champions League night) and discuss more important and vital stuff, such as the crappy weather we have in Brussels, the traffic jams every morning and the reasons why Antwerp is today the roadworks' champion.


Portuguese European Cup Results:
Benfica 2 - 0 Dukla Bystrica (5-0 aggregate)
Rapid Vienna 0 - 0 Sporting (0-2 aggregate)
Braga 2 - 2 Hearts (3-5 aggregate)
Rangers 1 - 0 Marítimo (1-1 aggregate, Rangers through on penalties)
Nacional 1 - 2 Sevilla (1-4 aggregate)

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