Thursday, December 09, 2004


Why can't we store inspiration for a later use? Just yesterday I had this brilliant idea to put on a report I'm currently writing but - of course - had no way to register this idea.

And now I have to finish the report and just can't remember what was so brilliant about yesterday's idea.

And have you noticed how important the work environment is for inspiration to come your way? Now that I think of it, most of my "brilliant" documents from the past 3 years were all written at the same place, the same table - and possibly at around the same time. Must be the plants and the sunshine the living room gets.

As a kid I used to write crazy texts and dream one day I would publish them and get a bazillion bucks for it. Of course, this is not to happen - all those papers were inevitably promoted to the category of rubbish and got sent down what we call "Archive 13" or plain "Recycle Bin" to use some Windows jargon.

Getting back to inspiration, as a kid I was much more inspired writing whenever I was heart-broken or in love. In that age between 11 and 17 it's extremely easy to get in love and even easier to get heart-broken. So, I would be in my room deciding which would be the next girl I would fall in love with just for the sake of feeling inspired to write some text questioning the existence of god or the reason why the wheel was ineffective and the presence of Portugal in the world (now you know why I threw all those papers away).

This being said, I now must find a way as effective as that one to get my inspiration. I can't just go around and fall in love with people, or ask my friends to treat me bad so that I get heart-broken, just for the sake of inspiration, can I?
Working from home is currently not an option, so that won't work either. THC-induced inspiration is too unstable and unreliable, not to mention that I can't drive nor speak correctly afterwards. And I would probably just start some Football management game on my PC and wonder at the excitement of watching computer-generated football matches.

No, the inspiration for those like me, in their too-late-twenties, must come from somewhere else. I'll tell you when I find it...

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