Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wednesday Round-Up

A few interesting stories that I just need to comment:

Porto 2 - 1 Chelsea
Brilliant Porto goes through Top of the Tops Chelsea and Moaninho gets his first Champions League defeat after 16 unbeaten matches. I'm glad, but they were very lucky...

IBM PC Business sold
I guess this means my next Thinkpad (if I do get one) will have better support for Chinese characters... I'm still a bit puzzled around all this affair.
I understand IBM's policy and why they want to get out of one business where price is key, and where they just can't beat DELL for as much as they would try. But I would really not like to see the Thinkpad line go down the drain. Let's wait and see.

This might also be all part of a plot to launch the POWER architecture to the PC market, since China is a very Linux-friendly environment, and, as you certainly know, Linux does not need an Intel processor to run...
Again, wait and see.

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