Monday, March 05, 2012

More targeting

Wow, this has been a great event so far - and we're not even half way through it.

The message seems to be clear - be relevant, be relevant, be relevant.

My session tomorrow is 100% about targeting. I have made a promise (mostly to myself, definitely not to our Sales team) to not mention a single product name, since I want to focus on the impact on your organization for content targeting instead of what product X does better than Y, and it seems that in every session so far content relevancy has been high up in the list of questions and topics.

Tahzoo's Brad Heidemann, during his presentation of how KeyBank is implementing Targeting for the 21st century, redirected some of the questions towards "my" session tomorrow so I can definitely start feeling the pressure.

[edits some slides]

Time to go back to the floor and listen to some more of the great stuff coming out of SDL Innovate - be sure to follow #sdlinnovate for the latest updates.

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