Thursday, May 12, 2005

Short update

Busy closing down a project and starting another, so not much time to think about what to post.

Short update:
  • Loads of drinking and food abuse these past few days. Gotta go back on diet if I want to properly enjoy the short stay in Portugal at the end of may...
  • Knowledge Sharing "promoted" to top priority within Professional Services. Nuno to take the lead on this ;-)
  • XSLT is easy... (sometimes)
  • Started finally working (seriously) on a book. News to come on this. Global theme is how to "upgrade Professional Services into Elite Services"
  • People come, people go. 5 new employees since I started (2 months ago). 4 have left meanwhile...
  • Remember the bank people that will get outsourced? Well, apparently, not all of them will be hired by the future company, so nerves are finally starting to surface. Decision about who stays and who goes is taken in early June...

That's it for now. I'll try to get some time to do a real post before the end of the week.

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