Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is worth a laugh or two

Sometimes you really don't know if you should laugh or cry (both simultaneously might be the most appropriate for this case). This "incredible visionnaire" that goes by the name of Steve Ballmer, CEO of this amazingly creative company (Microsoft I believe is its name) must have been having wet dreams about MSN.

I mean, nothing else can explain his "clairvoyant" claims that Google "may just be a one-hit wonder" and might actually disappear within 5 years.

Yeah right. Just before the Longhorn launch, I guess.

If I worked at Google I'd be hosting a drink tonight to celebrate the demise of the company. If someone as credible as the man behind the Tablet PC says Google will die, then he must certainly be right.

Seriously now: would you work for this guy? (for any other reason than the money).

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