Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Goals goals goals

Jeezes, that was a great Champions League night! Real proving that they're still around, Rooney showing that Manyoo got a bargain for him (3 goals on his first match!), Kiev blasting Leverkusen, Bayern showing Ajax how to play ball and Liverpool beaten by Olimpyakos!!

Good impressions:
Figo - what a match!
Rooney - no words would do justice.
Makaay - almost the best. This guy should go and play somewhere with more global reach, today he caters only for the german and (proud) dutch TV market.
Goal average: 3.875 goals/match!

Bad impressions:
Ronaldo - still fast, still dangerous, but only 3-4 times per match. I wonder how much longer will he be able to keep Owen and Morientes on the bench?
Italian Football - Watching Roma play just kept reminding me of the Euro 2004 final between Greece and Portugal: 8 defenders. The only way to beat (over) defensive football is to do like Real yesterday and beat the crap out of them.

Tonight Chelsea's coach Moaninho will take on FC Porto and probably beat the hell out of them. Porto's been playing at about 50% of what it can, and though it has loads of money available and quite some brilliant stars-to-be in the group, it seems to be indisciplined, directionless, unambitious.

I would love to see Porto go far in the Champions League this year, but I'm starting to doubt it will be the case. Let's hope I get proven wrong.

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