Thursday, September 23, 2004

I'm getting close to the time to leave my company. 100 reasons to do it, only important one being that I'm sick and tired of putting my career before my family - which I've been very good at for the past 5 years.

Creating your own company is certainly fun, and can get you somewhere. If I see where we are now, compared to where we were 6 months ago, it's very easy to spot the trend. But it just eats your life away. And contrary to popular belief, I'm not filling up my pockets -- quite the opposite.

So, I decided it's about time I call it a day and go home. Any Technical Project Managers around looking for a good position in Brussels? Know of any company in The Hague looking for a very experienced Technical PM?

A big sense of sorrow goes through me when thinking of this - E-Solutions might end up going belly-up because of this decision (or so my partners say) and it's something I want to avoid at (almost) any cost. Too bad.

I'm getting back my life (and so is my wife and daughter).


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