Monday, September 27, 2004

Large projects also end

There's this huge huge huge project going on at xxxInfoWitheldxxx to implement CRM - the Delphi project. Some of my projects interact with this one, and one is directly related to it, but apart from this I always saw this project just as a big, costly, over-spent project.

Well, I tend to think like that about projects that spend over 2000 man/days per month, that have Big Blue, ex-Andersen (read Accenture) and some other more obscure large-scale body-shoppers involved.

The good news is: they have 3 weeks to get the damn thing finally working. And my God are they far from it.

What is it that makes me feel so good about watching those guys work like mad men, staying late and starting early - after spending over a year doing on-the-job-training - and getting their ears pulled off daily? I sure don't know but I'll keep enjoying it for at least 3 more weeks... ;-)

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